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Vessels of Earth and Bone

Vessels of Earth and Bone



Please handle with care. Rebecca's work is designed to be a decorative wall hanging only, not to be used as rugs or regularly handled. Avoid moisture except to gently steam the fringe if necessary shortly after installation. Use clean hands to comb through fringe or straighten strings at the top, careful to avoid snagging fibers. No maintenance cleaning is necessary besides gently dusting with a feather dusty as needed.


While color representation is made as accurate as possible, please note that hues may vary from monitor to monitor. If you are commissioning a custom piece, samples of the materials can be sent free of charge for you to handle and compare in person. 

This original piece, organic and wabi sabi in style, was originally commissioned by a private collector. The colors, materials, and design were carefully selected and approved before the piece was started. Each of my works is a one-of-a-kind sculptural tapestry created bespoke for your space. Photos can never do justice to the kind of impact these soft and tactile wall hangings have in a room.

You can email me at for quicker response times.
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Vessels of Earth and Bone

"Vessels of Earth and Bone"

In the sacred vessel of a cave,
Protected from dangers and cold,
Ceremony, ritual, and art took root
Our history and dreams carefully scrolled.
Here, within the safety of earth and stone,
Stories were etched and carved into walls
A lineage recorded in handprints of red.

The stone canvas itself tells her own story
Embodying the depths of our planet’s past
Through fractured layers of sediment
And impurities in stone
Revealing an imperfect history
As a mirror for the artist before her,
Presenting herself as whole.

This body too, of blood and breath,
Holds our history and stories.
This vessel, like in the safety of the cave,
Allows for pain to be held,
And beauty to be expressed
All etched on the walls of our soul
Waiting to be remembered and witnessed.

The narratives of our ancestors
–their hurts, gifts, fears, and triumphs–
Embedded in our flesh and bone,
Carry the wisdom of the past.
We descend into these depths,
Illuminating the darkness
With the light of our awareness.

The hollowed echoes and tales unearthed
Whisper and beckon to be witnessed.
A sacred history calls to be honored
From both this earth and the world within.
And so we descend, deeper still,
Eyes wide and heart open, ready to listen.