Welcome to my studio

I am a mom and maker, a woman and a weaver. I weave tapestries of fiber with compassion and curiosity, alchemizing natural materials into sculptural forms that evoke meaning and emotion.  

The Human Nature of Weaving

When I first stumbled across weaving as an art form in 2018, I was instantly drawn to the intimacy of natural fibers. Their softness–and sometimes roughness–appeared very human to me: raw, imperfect, yet malleable, both delicate and strong.

Alchemizing Life Through Art

As I intuitively taught myself the art of weaving, the rhythmic pattern of over and under, over and under, relaxed my anxious mind into a safe and meditative place where I could process, ponder, and become present. In my daily practice of alchemizing raw material into sculptural form, I gained confidence in my ability to alchemize other areas of my life as well, and life became brighter. I was learning to see beauty in everything, and trust in myself to create something meaningful and beautiful with my life.

The Power of Authenticity

We are all creators, with the power to transform any experience into something beautiful. We don’t have to hide our past, our shadows, or our messiness to be worthy of love. We don’t have to present a perfect image of ourselves to be accepted. Even the rawest materials such as raffia or wool can be meticulously and gently twisted and formed with compassion into something stunningly beautiful as a whole. My work is deeply influenced by a desire to inspire others to be fiercely authentic, vulnerable, and most of all, human, while we all learn to accept, love, and celebrate who we are. 

Materials with a Story: Ethical and Natural

The thoughtfully curated material selections for each piece include a wide variety of natural fibers including ethically sourced merino wool, recycled silk, and plant-based fibers such as cotton, hemp, and jute.

Connecting Through Nature

The very nature of the medium invites a sense of connection. When working with natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp and raffia, the connection to nature is palpable and profound for both the artist and the viewer. These materials are minimally manipulated before being transformed into art, resulting in a small gap between the raw materials and the final product. 

Intimacy of Weaving: An Ancient Human Experience

Woven fabric has been an integral part of the human experience since ancient times, as evidenced in the use of daily essentials such as clothing, blankets, furniture and keepsakes. As a result, the art form evokes a sense of familiarity and comfort, making the medium itself inherently intimate.