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36” x 66”
Cotton, raffia, metallic thread


Please handle with care. Rebecca's work is designed to be a decorative wall hanging only, not to be used as rugs or regularly handled. Avoid moisture except to gently steam the fringe if necessary shortly after installation. Use clean hands to comb through fringe or straighten strings at the top, careful to avoid snagging fibers. No maintenance cleaning is necessary besides gently dusting with a feather dusty as needed.


While color representation is made as accurate as possible, please note that hues may vary from monitor to monitor. If you are commissioning a custom piece, samples of the materials can be sent free of charge for you to handle and compare in person. 

There’s a space where stars unveil their secrets

A moment where the immensity of time 

Dissipates into the eternal now,

Where pure light and unabridged wisdom unfolds.

Veils of ignorance are rent asunder

As a surge of clarity emerges

Through prisms of truth refracted through celestial realms

Piercing through space and time to bestow a revelation.

In the quiet recesses of a receptive soul,

A symphony of whispers begins to weave

Threads of understanding, intricate and whole,

As heavenly tendrils gently touch the human spirit. 

In the stillness of a breath 

In the repetition of a heartbeat

Boundless love and light flow through,

Swiftly shifting and expanding everything. 

Like a river’s course diverted, 

Perceptions are rearranged, structures redefined,

Infinite fragments of wisdom bestowed,

Bathing consciousness with celestial hues. 

A tapestry of thought, once tangled and chaotic

Now woven in patterns of crystalline clarity

Each thread supporting the next, 

A waterfall of enlightenment, gentle and profound. 

As the mind’s horizon stretches and expands,

The heart rests in newfound understanding

Beyond what is perceived by the senses

Or explained by the logical mind.

Surrender to the knowing of your heart

Embrace the shivers of revelation’s touch,

And let the echoes of Satori

Guide us on this eternal journey of awakening to love.

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