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Echoes of Kiawah and Wando

Echoes of Kiawah and Wando

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This handwoven wall hanging, titled "Echoes of Kiawah and Wando," serves as a tribute to the enduring presence and essence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers, which were originally named and known by the native people as Kiawah and Wando. Inspired by the natural beauty and significance of these rivers in the landscape and history of the area, the artwork intricately weaves together a diverse array of mixed fibers to evoke the flowing currents, lush surroundings, and timeless spirit of these waterways.

As a handwoven creation, this artwork not only pays homage to the natural landscape but also embodies the artisanal skill and creativity of the maker, echoing the tradition of weaving as a form of artistic expression and cultural preservation. Hung proudly on display at The Asher in South Carolina, "Rivers of Kiawah and Wando" invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and significance of these sacred waters, honoring their past, present, and future role in the fabric of our collective consciousness.


53" x 60"
cotton, wool, recycled silk, hemp, raffia, antique leather, faux leather, and other natural fibers.


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Please handle with care. Rebecca's work is designed to be a decorative wall hanging only, not to be used as rugs or regularly handled. Avoid moisture except to gently steam the fringe if necessary shortly after installation. Use clean hands to comb through fringe or straighten strings at the top, careful to avoid snagging fibers. No maintenance cleaning is necessary besides gently dusting with a feather dusty as needed.


While color representation is made as accurate as possible, please note that hues may vary from monitor to monitor. If you are commissioning a custom piece, samples of the materials can be sent free of charge for you to handle and compare in person. 

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Echoes of Kiawah and Wando